The Grapheel vision

Grapheel’s projects are born of the desire to help open the doors to STEM to everyone, and as such we are keen to welcome new ideas and volunteers from around the world.

Founded by a small team of scientists from the University of Sussex and headed up by a blind theoretical physicist, Grapheel knows the challenges faced by STEM students, let alone those who don’t have access to all available resources.

Our founder, Daniel Hajas, wants to harness his unique perspective and enable students like him to pursue their passion for STEM and open doors to future opportunities.

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Meet the team


Tim Lingard
Co-founder & Lead Software Engineer
Our head of web services and the main driving force behind IRIS. He’s a huge technophile and avid adventurer, and when he’s not programming for Grapheel or working for his PhD in Astrophysics he’ll either be plugged into a virtual reality headset or off cycling up a Spanish mountain.
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Daniel Hajas
Co-founder & CEO

Daniel is a problem solver in all walks of life — be that the problem of how to make education more accessible or the problem of which route to jog in the park. As a blind science student himself, it was his experiences at university that inspired him to create Grapheel. Read Daniel’s story at the link below.
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David Turner
Co-founder & Lead Hardware Engineer
A mad scientist in the making, David is most at home armed with a soldering iron. He’s likely to be caught building a PC or repairing guitars for his folk music band, and his hardware know-how was one of the glues that brought him and Daniel together to form the earliest iteration of Grapheel.
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Linn Boldt-Christmas
Communications Coordinator
Linn is by far the most talkative physicist in the team. By running communications and reminding everyone to do important admin, she turned a group of three students working on a project into the organisation we are today. If she's not busy daydreaming about puppies, she also runs our blog (link below).
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Kathy Romer
Professor of Astrophysics
If Grapheel is Charlie’s Angels, then Kathy is definitely Charlie. As a lecturer at the University of Sussex where the team met, she has been a mentor to Grapheel from the start. If she has time between her research and stand up comedy, she's our advisor and main source of networking.
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Jean Lawrence
Special needs advisor
Jean is a true guardian angel of Grapheel; with her determination and decades of experience, she can make anyone turn a special need into a unique virtue. When she's not teaching classes or telling van drivers to get off the pavement, she is travelling the world with her family in a caravan.
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Where to find us

Brighton (United Kingdom) is the answer. You can find us in person at the Sussex Innovation Centre (Falmer campus), or through any of the online communication channels we operate:


Grapheel Innovation, Sussex Innovation Centre, University of Sussex,
Science Park Square,
Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9SB
England, United Kingdom
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