It was great meeting Sofia Qvarfort, the passionate person behind 'Visualy Impaired People at University' A.K.A. 'VIP@Uni'. As Sofia explains in her intro post, she is a visually impaired PhD student herself. Graduating from Imperial College London, now she is doing research in quantum metrology, quantum information related fields. The motivation behind the site, established by the Swedish lady, "if they could do it, so can I!". A series of web logs from a number of contributors who have experience with university life and sight loss aim to inspire people to give it a try and not to be afraid of the obstacles that are mainly self-generated because of the fear of not being able to do well at a university course.

The VIP at Uni logo. Black capital letters displaying the name of the site.

As this is in line with the Grapheel spirit, i.e. if a handful of partially sighted people can deal with a scientific career, then everyone should be able to – given the necessary tools are provided to make the journey smoother. Hence, while discussing life, the universe and everything in a cafe, we decided to join forces and share posts of each other to make higher impact. So all VIP@Uni posts are welcome at Grapheel – receiving VIP treatment (what a terrible pun); and of course we wish our snippets will find the VIP@Uni followers well – let it be a nanoTip or a TWIST entry.

Make sure you follow @vipatuni on Twitter too.

VIP@Uni and Grapheel join forces
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