A lot of things can happen in ten minutes: your heart pumps the equivalent of 35 wine bottles full of blood, about 250 babies are born around the world, and about 250 million stars die in the Observable Universe. But more exciting than any of that, ten minutes is also approximately how long it well take for you to answer a few questions about Grapheel and IRIS.

We continuously talk to people — both formally and informally — who are concerned about access to STEM education in order to understand what services Grapheel needs to provide; all the whys, whats and hows. After several years of us working on this project, we are brimming with ideas but we need to decide which avenues would end up being most beneficial to our clients.

In that spirit, we have decided to kick off 2018 by formalising some of these conversations and quantifying the needs of people that face challenges in STEM access.
Therefore, we created a set of questions to reach out to teachers, parents, and learners alike in an attempt to understand what it is exactly you want IRIS to do: why you need it, what you would add to it, and how you imagine using it. Discussing this, and discussing and what other services you would find useful besides image descriptions of STEM content, would be tremendously valuable to us when we try to decide which avenues to go down. In short: help us help you.

The survey is now live as of the 29th January 2018 and we will be collecting data until end of February for the first round of analysis. Please tell us what your expectations are so that we can match them. Don’t forget to share the questionnaire with anyone you think would benefit from the Grapheel vision, and anyone who you might think be able to contribute to this very important discussion.

Thank you.

Our shared vision; your shared vision
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