Daniel Hajas, a co-founder and our CEO, was invited to speak at the annual Scholars’ Reception at the University of Sussex this year. The event is to welcome the year’s new cohort of scholars — a title that was given to Daniel last year when he received a special award from Santander and Michael Chowen towards Grapheel. He had the opportunity to express his gratitude for the support that Sussex has given Grapheel from day one, and inspire the scholars of 2017 to dream big by sharing our achievements in the past year.

In his speech, Daniel said:

“The greatest value Grapheel holds is the support from our volunteer community; donating time, expertise and passion to enable amazing social impact. The other outstanding value Grapheel holds, is the diverse, ambitious and skilled team that builds IRIS and it’s community, seeking change for good.”

An article about the event was featured at the University of Sussex’s news page, which can be found here and includes some more pictures and extracts from Daniel’s speech. If you have yet to read about Daniel and his story, you can find more about him and his life here.

Below are some pictures from the event.

Daniel Hajas at the Sussex Scholars’ Reception 2017
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