So we’ve been a little quiet as to the current state of IRIS for a while; after the success of our beta this time last year (a huge thanks to all those who contributed), our tiny but tenacious web development team have been chunking away at a complete overhaul of the code.

While IRIS 0.1 was a botched good-enough application, the new shape emerging from the ocean of Javascript is an altogether more refined thing. This rewrite means that once launched we will be able to keep on top of the next beta much more easily, adding updates and changes where our testers agree they are needed.

Of course, such a big rewrite means a lot of hours spent learning new frameworks as well as coding, but I’m happy to release a sneak peek of the next IRIS interface below!

An image of the volunteer interface of IRIS 0.2. Images are shown to volunteers as cards with coloured borders depending on subject level. Volunteers can filter by subject and education level.


The BVI student side is still very barebones, but we’re following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and testing with all major screen readers, including on mobile, to provide an easy experience for all our users.

There’s still a lot to work on, especially for a small part-time development team, so unfortunately I can’t give a start date of the next beta yet. However, if you’d like to keep up to date or are interested in being involved in the beta please subscribe to our mailing list or send us an email at

For those feeling really generous, we’re accepting donations to buy snacks for the hamsters powering our servers (as well as other, more serious things).

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A Sneak Peek at IRIS 0.2

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