Grapheel is looking for an extra hand or two to help out with IRIS developments over the summer! Luckily, the Careers and Employability Centre (CEC) at the University of Sussex has an internship scheme for students on Sussex’s First Generation Scholarship students — a scholarship provided to Sussex students’ who are the first in their family to attend university. This is essentially a scheme that allows businesses to hire First Generation Scholarship interns whose summer wages are paid for by CEC as part of their bursary, and allows businesses and charities such as Grapheel to hire interns via CEC.
The internship will involve a range of tasks related to Grapheel, and notably IRIS. A priority at the moment is to get IRIS up and running as flawlessly as possible in order to ensure a timely launch of the full-fledged application, so, the internship will be focused on IRIS features such as web development and research on image description practises.
We are very pleased to have already received some interested applicants and very much look forward to working with a new team member over the summer. Good luck, applicants!
Internship with Grapheel — Summer 2017

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