Approaching the end of a very intense month in our projects, we put icing on the cake by a talk given at Hack the Senses on Google’s London campus.

In the second episode of 5-part series on perception we will address sensory loss and deprivation, how the brain adapts to it and what technologies can be called into service to compensate. Daniel Hajas from the University of Sussex will talk about his experience of losing sight as a teenager, which led him to develop an innovative tactile graphics display. You can watch the video recording of the talk.

Hack the Senses explores state-of-the-art thinking about perception and sensory science. Recognising that the way each creature experiences the world is defined by the sense organs they are equipped with allows us to probe the boundaries of our experience. Advances in neuroscience and the proliferation of powerful sensors and computing devices, augmented and virtual reality provide the tools to explore sensory universes beyond our own.

The Hack the Senses team brings together thinkers and makers, researchers and hackers, artists and tinkerers and invite all to imagine and create new ideas, devices and applications that augment and expand our senses. HTS runs talks, workshops, hackathons, exhibitions and other activities.

Grapheel at Hack the Senses

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