While progressing with the image processing tasks, David Turner has returned to the lab at the University of Sussex and the work shall be continued in order to complete the first TGD model. Accomplishing the task is going to lead to the beginning of the Science Demonstration Period (SDP). Once the 8 by 8 array of taxels is ready to function according to the software instruction, we can go ahead and host demonstrations of how the outlined tactile graphics display should work in our views. An extensive development period begins which includes among many other activities, tasks such as 3D printing, designing printed circuit boards, software development and so on.

Besides the accompanying visualisations that we are hoping to design with the help of people from the Department of Engineering, and Product Design, the actual small scale model will serve as a tool to demonstrate our concepts, convey the key message of a TGD beyond what we have in documents or the web in a written form. If people say an image worths a thousand words, then we claim a tactile image can describe a whole book.

We have also scheduled a kick-off meeting for today to discuss a research publication based on our previous work, and projecting future perspectives. The meeting was attended by Lily Asquith, representing the LHCSound team, Frances Aldrich on behalf of the Cognitive Science of Tactile Graphics research team, Giles Hamilton-Fletcher and Jamie Ward from the sensory substitution team and of course Daniel and David initiating the conversation. Therefore we have made the first steps towards writing an article and bringing our research work, introducing its full potential for the research community.

Cracking on with building the TGD model

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