We know how difficult it is to find support when it comes to making content accessible. In addition to our other services we reach out to teachers, parents and rehabilitation workers, helping deliver science classes or simply help tackle homework.

A part of out outreach activities focuses on online or personal consultancy, where we would like to provide specialised support for professionals working with disabled students.

We feel that most rehabilitation centres are only able to offer sufficient assistance with teaching the usage of aids common to navigation, cooking, clothing and general computer usage, general access to educational materials. However, very often this type of support is not enough if a visually impaired students wishes to succeed in a scientific degree course. Similarly, the “Disabled Students Offices” of most educational institutions in the UK are able to provide standard support measures, but often lack the expertise to support their science students.

Because of this limited availability for specialised support, we wish to assist Heads of Schools, Disabled Student Support workers, and rehabilitation trainers in their work, on how best their student can gain the best possible access to scientific content included in the school curriculum.

What we offer
We wish to help in any way we can, which includes

  • introduction and training of various software solutions enabling visually impaired students to read and write mathematical language in an accessible fashion.
  • Introduction and training to use hardware solutions of accessible scientific materials, such as audio-graphing calculators, braille embossers, measuring tools.
  • Available online services, programming languages, and other skills students might need help with.

The details of our consultancy scheme will be published nearer to the launch.

At the moment we are assessing the style of support demanded to ensure we cover a wide range of support needs. Subject to financial and human resources, we aim to serve our clients at the beginning of the academic year starting in 2018.

An expert Grapheel team is anticipated to be charge of the consultancy scheme and coordinate it, from receiving requests, all the way to satisfying the needs of students. However, we also believe that a motivated community, with members who have been through the challenges of accessing scientific materials, provides a stronger support network. This means we can act as a reliable middle-man: connecting clients with the consultant best suited to them.